Emerging Open Educational Practices in the Pacific: Are we prepared?

I was motivated to write  this post after reading the Journal of Open Flexible and Distance learning, article by Michael Paskevicius on ”Conceptual Open Educational Practices through the Lens of Constructive Alignment”, as a reflection of my thoughts on these magnificent developments in global Education. I have not  tried to totally dissect the article as … Read more

Pacific Region TVET OER Course Designers Workshop

Nine Pacific countries to be represented at Commonwealth of Learning workshop on open educational resources in Fiji The workshop will focus on the use of OER for skills development in the Pacific. 22 June 2017 – The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) welcomed participants from nine Pacific countries to a regional workshop on open educational resources … Read more

USP OER Institution Policy

The University of the South Pacific once again leads by example as it organised an OER Institutional Policy development workshop. The workshop, which last for two days (May 25th and 26th), was organised by the Center for Flexible Learning (C.F.L.) in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). The aim of the workshop was to … Read more