Human Resource Capacity Building in Technology Enabled Learning for the Pacific:Tonga and Samoa Workshops

The Project for Human Resource Capacity Building in Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) for the Pacific (HRCBTEL4Pac) workshop is an outcome of the 2018 Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Pacific Focal Point meeting held in Fiji. One of the outcomes of the meeting was to send Technology Enabled Learning Education Specialists from COL and Pacific Centre for Flexible and Open Learning for Development (PACFOLD) to four (4) Pacific Island Countries to establish pilot programs on the use of the Offline Offgrid COL Aptus device for classrooms without walls through training of trainer’s workshops and consultation. The following countries were chosen for 2018 project:

  • Tonga
  • Samoa
  • Solomon
  • Kiribati

The mission was to deliver training of trainer’s workshop or consultation and achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Define, understand and appreciate Technology Enabled Learning (TEL)
  2. Understand the basic operations of the COL Aptus device and apply skills in using the COL Aptus device for training, teaching and learning.
  3. Define and Explain Open Educational Resources.

The training program was designed for the Solomon and Kiribati island country for four (4) days and two (2) days for the Kingdom of Tonga and Samoa, since the 2 countries have already carried out research and development (R&D) and systems test for COL Aptus for the last 2 to 3 years.



  • Handover 25 Aptus and 250 Tablets to the Minister for Education to enable immediate equitable access to education after national devastation caused by tropical cyclone Gita.
  • In country Sustainable program resource capacity building through training of trainers in Technology Enabled Learning
  • 12 trainers effectively trained in the use of Aptus, effective use of Moodle for classroom teaching and learning and Open Educational Resources (OER) concept.

SAMOA – National University of Samoa and Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.


  • Handover 35 COL Aptus device to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) to be an enabling educational tool for equitable access to quality education.
  • Consultation and collaboration with National University of Samoa (NUS) Aptus team and introduction to the new COL Aptus Generation.
  • Consultation workshop with MESC Curriculum Developers and Education officers on Technology Enabled Learning, and the effective use of COL Aptus Device for teaching and learning.





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