Spirit of the Pasifika: Equitable and Sustainable, by Matai Tagicaki.

There is a high level of resilience within the Pasifika People in pushing towards understanding and taking ownership of the reality that the world has changed. I was watching youtube videos posted by Australia Aid three years ago when they were assisting with the setting up of the TVET center and it was very encouraging to watch.

Fast forward to 2016, a good friend of mine, fellow Fijian, is in Vanuatu helping in the set up of their Pacific Technical Center. Seeing how the people of Vanuatu have taken up the initiative left behind by AusAID is very motivating.

February 17th 2016, Vanuatu TVET posted a video that is so powerful on how much the people of the Pacific are embracing education that is life changing. The video, put together by the people of Vanuatu does not only show case the developments in TVET but also how they have managed to address the issue of disability. In doing so, they have dramatically changed lives from poverty to better living standards.

In my other post I was talking about the resilience of our people from the equatorial region and challenges they are facing with climate change. Vanuatu, Kiribati and Tuvalu are genuine stories of the Pasifika Spirit.

Noticing these amazing projects and developments materializing and changing lives is very encouraging, and confirms the relevancy of the survival and the existence of regional bodies like PACFOLD to ensure the viability and sustainability of their developments through education, by preparing policies and guidelines for their future, building lives worth living.

Flexible Open Learning for Development provides the Pacific Community access and the opportunity to recognize empower and effectively assimilate with the global community by providing the platform and tools for learning that are affordable and accessible without prejudice.

Students and Teachers of Yaqeta Primary School Receiving their Tablets for the OLDC Fiji Program.

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