Horticulture for the Pacific

ateca-silotuFollowing a COL workshop on Flexible and Blended TVET in the Pacific in Fiji in 2014, Ateca Silotu from the Agriculture Department at the National University of Samoa has produced a new course called Introduction to Basic Horticulture in the Pacific. This course aims to develop a positive attitude towards farming in general, especially towards growing fruits and vegetables.

The course will help learners to gain knowledge, understanding and appropriate skills for growing greenhouse crops and how to grow both local and introduced food plants, using good farming methods. Taking this course will help learners to grow crops in their home garden which can improve the nutritional quality of their diet and provide extra income.

The course is presented according to the National Competency Standard of the Samoa Qualifications Authority – HIP 001 Introduction to Basic Horticulture in the Pacific – Level 2. it is freely available on PACFOLD learn and from the COL website for anyone to adapt or use in their own context.

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