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    Bula ODFL group. My name is Teresia (TC) and I am a Fijian woman living in Canada since 1976. I am doing a doctorate in leadership in a post-secondary context and in particular I am looking at how post-secondary E/M/D (electronic, mobile, distance) education can be successfully designed and implemented on a platform of Indigenous South Pacific and Indigenous Canadian ways of learning. I would love to connect with anyone who has thoughts, ideas, research, resources or wisdom. Glad to be a part of this group.Thank you!

    • Bula Teresia – welcome to this group and thanks for your introduction. The group is a little quiet as we are just getting started. We need people like to you to share your research and questions and help us to make this group useful. Your research interests are the same as COL’s so we are keen to interact with you. The leadership piece is particularly important when considering the management of change to the new teaching and learning paradigm.
      Are you planning any empirical research in the Pacific? You may find partners here who can assist with that.
      We look forward to interacting with you.

      • Thank you for the warm welcome Alison! I am definitely planning to do empirical research in the South Pacific and I would love to meet knowledge partners who are willing to share their wisdom, ideas or resources. I will gladly help with other people’s research as well. I haven’t decided if I am going to do my research in Fiji or elsewhere in the South Pacific so if anyone thinks that my research could work collaboratively with their research or community then I will go where my research can make the biggest difference. May I ask a few silly questions? Who/what is COL? What does ODFL stand for? I’m guessing it means open, distance, flexible learning but I’m not sure. Vinaka Alison.

        • Bula Teresia
          Please feel free to ask anything you like – that’s what a community of practice is all about – we all have different ‘intelligences’.

          COL is the Commonwealth of Learning – you can find out more about us here
          PACFOLD is the Pacific Centre for ODFL (yes, you were right!) or flexible and open learning as many people in your region call it. You’ll find the story under the ABOUT tab here on this platform.

          Thanks for your openness to collaboration with other members of this community. Do keep posting about your research interests and progress with your D. We’ll see if we can find someone with similar interests. I work in post-secondary skills training in the Pacific with partners in Vanuatu, Tuvalu, PNG, Samoa and Fiji. You can see more about my work at

          Do share your research questions or title (even if its a draft title at this stage) so we can learn more. I suggest you start a new discussion in this group to tell us more.