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Establishing OER in Fiji

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    Matai Tagicaki

    “We all search for guarantee in quality as consumers. Quality standards can be assured when we take the initiative during an initial stage of process to develop a set of standard which we may measure our products against to achieve quality and assure and meet customer satisfaction. OER is a global concept that already has a set standard process to ensure quality. Our challenge is localizing the global approach so that we consider our context, to meet customer desires. As educators, or customer base are our communities, therefore we have a civil responsibility to ensure accessible educational resources are of quality in value. This paper discusses the processes, in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning (COL), the Fiji OER team, working under FHEC, will be developing OER information platform to ensure that all Fijians may access affordable and quality resources through OER.”

    This is an Abstract to a paper I wrote and presented at the 2016 Asia Pacific Quality Network conference held in Fiji. The paper discusses the process we used in Fiji to establish OER within Fiji that culminated to a National Policy on OER. Click on this link to read the rest of the document:

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